MetalMiner Welcomes New Lead Sponsor Nucor

MetalMiner, in conjunction with sister site, Spend Matters welcomes US steel producer Nucor as a lead sponsor on MetalMiner and as a MetalMiner affiliate sponsor on Spend Matters. The sponsorship on both sites will focus on creating a dialog between steel industry leader Nucor and one of the largest supply chain and procurement as well as metal buying audiences in the United States. In this first joint sponsorship, Nucor will take an active role in starting conversations with the MetalMiner and Spend Matters communities on key strategic issues.

Nucor’s participation and contribution will focus on issues pertaining to US manufacturing. It will include guest commentary from CEO Dan DiMicco on a range of topics such as: job creation, free trade, international trade issues such as currency exchange rates, trade deficits and the move toward energy independence and sustainability. We welcome this voice and hope you will as well, as a complement to the contributions of current MetalMiner and Spend Matters editors.

All steel market analyses, forecasts, and the MetalMiner IndX currently available on MetalMiner will remain completely independent of sponsored Nucor content. Nucor will have the opportunity to present its own unique points of view as expressed by CEO Dan DiMicco in the form of guest columns as well as gain greater exposure via webinars, video segments and white papers. All Nucor generated material or Nucor sponsored events (e.g. videos, webinars etc) will be marked as such to ensure MetalMiner readers can easily identify sponsor vs. MetalMiner editorial content. Spend Matters will mark content in a similar way as well, insuring editorial independence.

We are thrilled to have Nucor join the metals and trade related conversation taking place on MetalMiner and the broader procurement and supply chain discussions on Spend Matters. Nobody has been as outspoken an advocate of US manufacturing as Nucor. We believe Nucor’s passion, history of innovation and tenacity represent all that is great about US manufacturing and we are thrilled to have Nucor join our collective media sites as full participants.

Nucor’s perspectives on these issues will undoubtedly spur many interesting discussions that we hope will benefit MetalMiner and Spend Matters readers particularly as they relate to the specifics of US manufacturing policy. We hope to add our own perspectives to these topics as well, as both MetalMiner and Spend Matters continue to encourage readers to look at the big picture surrounding many of the sourcing and related decisions they make everyday.

Welcome Nucor!

–Lisa Reisman

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