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A recent site analysis shows that statistically, it’s what you as our readers read most: in today’s volatile markets, anybody would want to know where prices are going and why they’re headed in that direction. Here at MetalMiner we believe that you can’t look at the past to determine what will happen tomorrow. Our price forecasts take into account dozens of variables affecting the prices of metals today, from traditional indicators to day-to-day global events. See a conglomeration of our latest posts covering price price forecasting below:

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Market Update

Nickel Well Supported in Spite of an Uptick in Inventories

Tin Driven by Fundamentals

The Steel Market Watch the Warning Signs

Copper, Where to Next?

Lead, Set for Further Declines

In addition, MetalMiner has recently released its Q3 12-month price perspectives for steel and aluminum. The reports examine the specific variables impacting price and include a 12 month forecast. The research includes detailed production cost models in the case of steel and specifics on all of the raw material inputs for aluminum. These reports can be accessed here.

–Sheena Moore

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