Art as Shelter at North Carolina Museum of Art

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Photograph by Shaloot at Flickr

A good part of the North Carolina Museum of Art is dedicated to art enjoyed amid the beauty of landscape. Some 164 acres of fields, woodlands and waterways invite people to discover and enjoy sculptural art works by foot or bicycle, across scenic paths throughout the museum’s park.

Photograph by 28th Parallel at Flickr

One structure is a metal enclosure, strategically placed to help congregate visitors to the museum and encourage contemplation of the park’s open aesthetic”not shield it. Designed by Tonic Design, based in Raleigh, the shelter accommodates classes as an open-air pavilion to learn about art and nature. Metal perforated horizontal bands of varying widths compose the shelter’s exterior, which, according to Tonic, “offers experiences that change with the seasons, light and vantage point of the viewer.

Photograph by 28th Parallel at Flickr

Also reflecting the passages of the natural environment are the aluminum panels of the museum’s addition designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners, and completed in April 2010. The panels help protect the museum’s permanent collection.

by bigbookworm2000 at Flickr

Both structures”the museum’s park pavilion and its addition”are objects of art themselves and, in turn, enhance the  experience of art.

Nate Burgos

Related: Tonic’s “Art as Shelter was a recipient of the AIA Small Project Awards Program 2010.

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