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The Golden Era of the good ol’ American muscle car is long gone, and the automotive industry is full of putting the past to rest and moving into the future. Everything about the industry is changing: design, materials, and even the global import/export rates. From GM moving and selling more cars in China than the US and a burgeoning automotive market in India to coming closer and closer to an electric/alternatively fueled cars, MetalMiner is at the edge of capturing what’s happening now and where things will go. The articles below present a spectrum of what’s happening post-Henry Ford and pre-Jetsons.

GM Could Soon Sell More Cars in China Than in the US

Beijing to Subsidize Electric Car Sales

Indian Car Sales Powering Ahead But Challenges Await

Mass Market Electric Cars Finally Due for Launch

Will A Weak US Currency Bring New Manufacturing to the US?

–Sheena Moore

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