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Many people don’t realize the level of analysis that goes into creating a MetalMiner price forecast. We try to emphasize the number and scope of exactly how many indicators we track to bring you the most up-to-date prices, and how intricately connected some of these seemingly unrelated variables can be. Economic indicators have a tremendous impact on metals prices. Metals traded one exchanges such as aluminum, copper, lead etc are particularly vulnerable to economic data. In other words, prices can move up and down quickly based on the release of certain economic data. Steel markets behave a little bit differently but are also subject to macro economic data such as housing starts, automotive sales, etc. We’ve aggregated a list of pieces we have covered on MetalMiner that highlight some of these economic indicators that impact metals prices:

US GDP, The Greek Crisis and Other Indicators of Metal Prices Part One

US GDP, The Greek Crisis and Other Indicators of Metal Prices Part Two

Troubling Consumer Data Suggests GDP Numbers for Q2 and Q3 Will Continue Downward Trend

Consumer Data Still Telling a Sad Story Despite The Headlines

What the Uncommon Economic Indicators Tell Us About the Economy

The What and How Behind 5 Economic Indicators Impacting Metals Markets

A New Leading Indicator Casts Light on China’s Growth Prospects

–Sheena Moore

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