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We were recently lucky enough to go on a tour of Elkay Manufacturing where we saw American manufacturing at its finest. From state of the art robotic equipment to an amazing laser cutter, we saw a degree of quality and care go into the production of product that may be tough to beat in other parts of the world. But the world of industrial manufacturing continues to evolve. New policy-makers in Washington have in part, altered the landscape as have a series of trends in terms of exchange rates, trade deficits, global labor rates etc. Here is a mix of articles on the state of US manufacturing as well as global manufacturing trends:

Health Care Costs and the Manufacturing Fallout

Should the US Government Allow a Chinese Steel Mill to Invest in Steel Technology They Don’t Have?

Andy Grove on US Manufacturing and Jobs Growth Not Without Controversy

Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010 It’s But One Small Piece of the Pie

–Sheena Moore

Disclaimer: MetalMiner has no commercial relationship with Elkay Manufacturing

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