Nucor's Dan DiMicco on the Economy, Trade and US Manufacturing

Last week, Nucor CEO Dan DiMicco sat down with Maria Bartiromo in an 8:30 minute segment on the state of the US economy, where and how the government and private sector can come together to help US companies better compete both domestically and globally as well as share some interesting statistics about the historical contribution of US manufacturing to GDP. Dan believes a tighter partnership between the government and the private sector looking at a range of issues from the trade deficit to energy independence to holding overseas trading partners accountable to WTO rules are all part of the solution to help grow the US economy. As he points out, the Chinese “got it right with their $700b stimulus on infrastructure whereas our programs went to Ëœsugar highs’ taking us from one bubble of overspending to the next.

And even though Dan admits he wears red because he is a Yankees fan (we won’t hold that against him), he also explains why Nucor employees wear red on Fridays:

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–Lisa Reisman

Disclosure: Nucor is a paid sponsor of MetalMiner.

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