Join Us For This Week's MetalMiner Aluminum Market Pulse Survey!

Each week Metalminer will run a single metal-specific, 4 or 5 question free survey on the site. On Friday, MetalMiner will post the results of the market survey along with additional analysis in video format. Readers will be provided with this free analysis each week and can expect to receive the following:


  • Market sentiment on pricing (for that particular metal)
  • A feel for whether manufacturing order books are growing, declining or staying the same
  • A sense of how lead times for that particular material have shifted (e.g. lengthening, shortening, etc.)
  • Additional MetalMiner analysis and commentary

Delivery Method:

MetalMiner has officially entered the video age, and we will now bring more video programming to you on a regular basis.


Our goal is to gradually grow this feature from an anonymous survey to something that has statistical significance. Initially, the survey will provide MetalMiner readers with a sense of specific metal trends, and over time we will grow the survey and implement a formal statistical methodology.

The survey will cover four primary metals: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. We will run “special surveys throughout the year for additional metals, based upon the success of this program.

Here is this week’s aluminum survey:


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