Clarifying Western Media Accounts of China Rare Earth Metal Ban

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Never a dull moment in the world of rare earth metals, we heard about a Chinese export ban to Japan on these key resources and then several revised press accounts stating an export ban had not gone into effect. MetalMiner reported no such ban existed so we decided to offer up some commentary as to why these press accounts likely made their way to the Western media and more important, should we have concerns about China’s actions regarding its   control over rare earth metals?

As with all stories sometimes there is more than meets the eye. Have a listen to our analysis of the media attention and what we think China might do in the longer term:


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–Lisa Reisman

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  1. Gerald Bates says:

    The media is quick to react to news in our real time info age so they don’t do their research.
    Your concise and incisive reporting gets behind the “news” to provide valuable insights into what is going on behind-the-scenes.
    China has been successful in becoming a leader in rare earth metal production by undercutting most other producers and driving them out of business. If they allow the price of these metals to rise sufficiently many of the moth-balled operations could again come on line therby reducing China’s market dominance..

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