MetalMiner Copper Market Pulse Results

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Thanks to you our MetalMiner readers we had our largest respondent pool complete our four-question MetalMiner Copper Market Pulse survey this week in what some might consider the most bullish copper week of the year. Prices reached above their July 2008 all time highs and hit $3.837/lb. At the same time, big news came out of LME Week.

Take a listen to this week’s survey results and market commentary:


Check out this piece we ran on copper entitled: Is the Copper Market Hiding Two Million Tons of Stock

For more information on the base metal ETFs announced this week at LME Week, read this piece Base Metal ETFs One Step Closer to Launch: Impact on Industrial Metal Buying Organizations

Join us next week for our MetalMiner Stainless Steel Market Pulse series!

–Lisa Reisman

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