Wanted: Heavy Metal Band That Performs Well (Part One)

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Earlier this year, a friend of mine mentioned that platinum, palladium and titanium are all the rage because of their strength-to-weight ratio and, well, that’s just what’s “in right now. If I was to go the more traditional route gold she told me to wait until the gold price dipped under $1,000 an ounce. (As most of us can see, that doesn’t look like it’s happening in the near term.)

However, my friend is not a trader or adviser. She’s a metalsmith and jewelry designer. I’m not a metals producer, buyer or speculator. No, folks, I am in a different market altogether.

I’m in the market for a wedding band.

You see, I’m getting married next summer. Having already made the proposal-and-engagement-ring leap, I am now beginning to think about what type of wedding band I should be buying. And although I know what I can afford (and will likely end up purchasing), the occasion gives rise to ponder: What are some metals other than gold that could really perform well in the future? Any “sleepers that would make a great investment?

With the Financial Times reporting this morning that jittery speculators have pushed the price of gold above $1,420 an ounce, now seems a good time to think outside the box when it comes to wedding bands.

Over a series of posts, I will lay out a look into particular metals that may perform well in the longer term. I do not intend on, nor do I foresee, having the need to cash in on my investment; but it could pay out to consider the classic go-to mantra, “Buy Low, Sell High. A more pertinent question: what if I lose the damn thing? If that were to happen, a simple cost analysis of the current precious metals market now could surely pay dividends later.

Stay tuned, as they used to say.

–Taras Berezowsky

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