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As the cold air settles in here in Chicago and we each contemplate a Thanksgiving meal with our families, we here at MetalMiner would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you, whether this represents your first visit or your 100th for your loyalty, support, commentary, emails etc. With your support, we have managed to grow our little operation from 25,000 readers/month to over 35,000 readers/month in 2011. You have told us to continue writing pieces covering price trends not only for steel, aluminum, copper and tin etc. but also for some of the more obscure metals ranging from uranium, to molybdenum to nickel scrap.

But to say that you, our audience has interest in only price trends, would not reflect reality. In fact, you continue to surprise and delight us with your taste in a broad range of topics¦

  1. First, you really wanted to know what that Hungarian sludge consisted of (and who wouldn’t?)
  2. And thousands of you read our post on the Case for Rare Earth Metal ETFs
  3. Our peppered columns now with the header, “Metal Appreciation have attracted vast global audiences. Who would have thought Steampunk could win a popularity contest?
  4. And of course you did not disappoint! Who could resist a who-done-it within the copper industry?

Besides the actual posts, your loyalty has allowed us to grow beyond our competitors, in particular AMM (though they operate with a different model). According to 3rd party ranking site, MetalMiner traffic numbers appear as follows ( offers useful comparative data but not actual traffic data):

Source:, November 16, 2010

According to another 3rd party ranking site, Quantcast, MetalMiner is the 77,762 largest site in US based on traffic, compared to AMM at 171,939 largest site and Steel Business Briefing the 160,890 largest site.

We certainly could not have achieved that rank in three short years without you, disrupting business models and publications that have been around for generations! We are truly thankful for this opportunity, as each day is a new adventure for all of us, writing about what we enjoy most.

Finally, we’d like to thank our sponsors who make this all possible: Nucor, O’Neal Industries and Harbor Aluminum.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

–Lisa Reisman (and the entire MetalMiner team)

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