Best Of MetalMiner 2010 – Rare Earth Metals


1. “The Case For Rare Earth Metal ETFs

This post, combining both rare earths and ETFs, takes the cake as the second-most widely read MetalMiner post of 2010, and third most widely read post of the past year overall and with good reason. Rare earths commanded a lot of worldwide attention in 2010, and here, Lisa presents a wonderfully concise yet compelling case for implementing investing tools in the rare earths sector.

2. “Could US Rare Earth Inc’s Contract with Boeing Accelerate the Discovery of Enough Rare Earth Metals to Satisfy the US Supply Chain?

Behind this mouthful of a headline, MetalMiner interviews, including one with US Rare Earth’s CEO, shed light on how the company’s relationship with Boeing affects the country’s rare earths supply.  (The post also spurred an impressive comment thread.)

3. “Japanese OEMs Make a Play For Canadian Rare Earth Mining Firms

This recent MetalMiner exclusive stands as a great example of original sourcing and reporting another reason we’re among the best metals Web sites writing today.

4. “New Deposits of Rare Earths Ores in Tanzania Substitute for China?

Stuart covers how Montero’s Wigu Hill deposit in Tanzania factors into the worldwide rare earths supply.

5. “Are Rare Earth Metals the Next Bubble In the Tradition of Tulips, Dot-coms and Housing?

The hands-down winner of Best Headline in the Best Of Rare Earths category, this post finds Lisa providing a humorous and provocative commentary (with another great comment thread that follows) on why the rare earths market can be viewed as the latest bubble.

*Finally, we had to add this one just for kicks:

6. “Iron Man 2: It’s All About the Rare Earth Metals

–Taras Berezowsky

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