Best Of MetalMiner 2010 ETFs


1. “The Case For Rare Earth Metal ETFs

ETFs came together with rare earth metals for one of our most popular posts of 2010.

2. “JP Morgan and Lynas Behind New Rare Earth Metal ETF Where is Industry?

Rare earth metal ETFs are unlike other ETFs, which are organized by pricing shares based on an index or taking a physical position in the underlying metals. Before the post above, Lisa delved into what’s behind the “mine to market concept.

3. “Base Metal ETFs One Step Closer to Launch Impact on Industrial Metal Buying Organizations

Physically backed base metal ETFs made big news in the latter half of the year, which are much more of interest to our audience than those previously released for precious metals. In this post, Lisa addresses the question: “What about inventory?¦

4. “Metal Hoarding a Concern Amidst New ETF Launches?

5.  “Putting the Copper, Tin and Nickel ETF Hype to Bed For Now

¦And here we try to get closer to the answer. (We’re still awaiting the release of the physically backed aluminum, zinc and lead ETFs in early January 2011.)

–Taras Berezowsky

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