Best Of MetalMiner 2010 Uranium, Moly and Other Minors


1. “China Doing To Uranium What It Has Done To Copper

One of our most recent posts, this article is already one of the 2010’s best viewed. Stuart looks at China’s effect on a pretty “hot minor metal market in terms of news this year: uranium.

2. “Ferrochrome Prices Continue Their Relentless Rise

An interesting look at ferrochrome price trends through the lens of power shortages in South Africa.

3. “Molybdenum Prices Moving Up in 2010?

“Molybdenum: Volatile But Looking Firmer Going Forward

Two sister posts exploring the under-covered nature of the steel strengthener, charting its potential to rise in value.

4. “Will Tin Be The First Metal to Break Above Its 2008 All-Time High?

“Tin, Way Beyond Tin Plate

BlackBerry uses it. So do many other technology companies, arguably more than other rare earth metals. There are reasons the metal is so pricey, and exactly why it makes a great investment vehicle. Stuart presents a great one-two punch covering the world of tin.

5. “Lithium Gets Its Own ETF

Sick of ETFs yet? We didn’t think so! (As more and more junior minors prospect for lithium at least going by the PR pitches we keep receiving! Yeesh this metal may get even hotter in 2011.)

–Taras Berezowsky

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