Best Of MetalMiner 2010 PGMs


1. “Green Police, Audi and What Diesel Means for Platinum and Palladium

(Insert your favorite car sound effect here.)

2. “Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium Price Forecasts 2010

Not surprisingly, the best read of the PGM posts.

3. “Palladium, Where to Now?

Shortly after the predictions were published, Stuart examined whether palladium would undergo a spike-and-crash similar to the one we saw earlier in the decade.

4. “Wanted: Heavy Metal Bands That Perform Well (Part Two: Platinum v. Palladium)

“Wanted: Heavy Metal Bands That Perform Well (Part Three: Rhodium)

I decided to take a spin on the PGMs as undervalued wedding-band investment vehicles. (Man, I hope the “heavy metal puns never get old! Oh, they already have? Woops.)

–Taras Berezowsky

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