Best Of MetalMiner 2010 Aluminum

This metal means way more than just cans and foil, people.

We end the week with a look at aluminum (one metal that will certainly play big in our 2011 coverage), beginning with the piece de resistance:

1. “Hungarian Alumina Refinery Disaster What Exactly is This Red Mud?

Our Most Viewed Post of 2010. MetalMiner presented an interesting look at one of the biggest European metals stories of the year, in the mainstream press, anyway, when the red sludge flowed into Hungarian rivers.

2. “Aluminum Set for a Turbulent 2010

Stuart set the tone for the aluminum outlook in the second half of the year, considering markets in both China and Russia.

3. “Aluminum Demand for Naval Shipbuilding Set to Rise This Decade

How does aluminum factor into the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships? Quite highly, in fact.

–Taras Berezowsky

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