What Obama Said After the Bow

There’s been intense speculation in the MetalMiner/Spend Matters office today about what President Obama told Chinese President Hu Jintao today after his bow.

Source: The Drudge Report

Here’s what we believe he might have said (further commentary welcome):

  • “Wind and solar power … I defer to you.”
  • “Now, about that small matter of intellectual property…”
  • “We’d be delighted to have your SOEs buy off our companies! Want a bank or two?”
  • “When do I get my red phone?”
  • “Will you PLEASE appreciate your currency already?
  • “Ok, ok, I agree, the RMB should be the world reserve currency.”
  • “No need to hack into our corporate systems this week. Everything you requested is on the USB drive in my pocket.”
  • “I’ll sweeten the next treasury offering by agreeing to personally sing a tune on KTV.
  • “If you used our technology to beat us in our own market, we would be delighted for you to bid on that rail project in California.”
  • “You can have Taiwan if you personally autograph my copy of the ËœArt of War’.”
  • “Want to sail aboard QE2 back to Beijing?”
  • “Xie-xie, Xie-xie!”
  • “I’ve told Joe to spit around the White House today to make you feel more at home.”
  • “I’ll trade you a pack of my personal Camels for some more rare earths.”

–Lisa Reisman and Jason Busch

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