Attention, MetalMiner Readers: What Can We Do For You?


In scouring the issues, events, news and developments in the metals world — anywhere from the sourcing standpoint, to metals prices, to the macroeconomic “big picture” — we here at MetalMiner are driven by what we think our readers will find valuable and/or interesting.

The reason for this post is near the end of that last sentence: what we “think” our readers find valuable.

So, it’s up to you now, dear readers. We’d like to know what is on your list of Most Important Issues or Most Important Concerns for 2011.

Why respond to this post?

  • You have one or a whole bunch of issues that you’re dying to know more about
  • You heard of something in the news and would like it explained better/deeper/more clearly
  • If you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you’d like to read, but are willing to share what interests you
  • What kind of stories do you generally read and find yourself coming back to?

We realize it might be a silly and too open-ended of a proposition to ask, point blank, “what do you want to read about?” But we value our audience very highly, and we realize that what we do is entirely for your benefit. Having your input will guide MetalMiner’s content and result in an even better, more focused site.

*Simply leave a comment below!

*Or send a quick email to tberezowsky(at)

It could be a few words, a question, or a host of bullet points — any and all input is appreciated!

Thank you for reading MetalMiner.

–Taras Berezowsky

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  • I think you all do a great job. While my interest is mainly directed toward Steel, Aluminum, and Copper, the wide range of topics covered by your daily newsletter is refreshing.
    I might suggest that from time to time you share more about your company and what initiatives (projects) you are pursuing. I’m not a big fan of using these Newsletters to sell you wares,,,but, I am always looking for better ways to manage the commodity portion of our spend, and if that involves using (trying) new services,,so be it.
    Also, I am interested in what is “really” going on with the “Steel Hedging” vehicles out there,,,, as well as opinions on the who, what, and why of how these are being used.


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