MetalMiner Welcomes Zycus as a Lead Sponsor

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Three years ago, Zycus, one of the top sourcing / procurement software providers, asked MetalMiner if we would like to participate in a webinar on Total Landed Cost. As strategic sourcing consultants engaged in metals-based projects and as former traders, we have learned some lessons the hard way over the years and thought why not share some of our internal models with a manufacturing/metal-buying audience? Little did we know how popular a webinar this proved to be, generating more than 1300 registrants and 900 live attendees. But as much as metal-buying organizations seek to understand price direction and market intelligence for the specific metals categories they purchase, so too must they have the tools, resources and infrastructure to support optimal sourcing strategies.

What do we mean by the tools, resources and infrastructure need to support optimal sourcing strategies? Zycus has built its reputation for customer responsiveness and ease of use with software solutions that enable organizations to “quickly find savings and compliance opportunities and strengthen spend statistics. From a MetalMiner perspective, we know the importance of identifying the external factors that impact major metals spend categories, but taking that external data and applying it internally requires more than just a decent steel price forecast. Zycus has provided these types of solutions with a major aluminum smelter as well as industrial products manufacturers such as GE (for an automated UNSPSC classification engine) and Modine.

Zycus, along with fellow lead sponsor Nucor, has already provided MetalMiner with the opportunity to engage its audience in a variety of new formats. For example, just a week ago, we conducted our first live/video conference, International Trade Policy Breaking Point (with the support of both Nucor and Zycus). The simulcast will become available on the site shortly for those that wish to only attend one session or a subset of the program. Another MetalMiner sponsor, O’Neal Industries, has supported key webinar programming covering the steel, aluminum, heat treat plate markets along with special programming on metal lean supplier programs.

As we welcome Zycus to the MetalMiner sponsor community, we look forward to continuing to work closely on a range of video programs. We’re very excited, for example, that they’ll be supporting a new MetalMiner video series examining commodity markets and trends on a regular monthly basis.

MetalMiner readers keep coming back to us not only to better understand the specific price trends and drivers within each of the major metal verticals, but also to identify sourcing strategies and tactics that enable practitioners to become more successful in their jobs. No one inhabits this unique space as well as MetalMiner. As we continue to expand the use of various media formats, we know that Zycus will make many valuable content contributions (which will all be properly disclosed at the time of a particular post) as well as inform some of our own practices.

Welcome Zycus!!

–Lisa Reisman

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