Metal ETF Pulse Survey

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The other day, after a lovely chat over coffee with Maggie Dorn and Tim Harvey of ETF Securities, it dawned on me that a number of folks in the metals business and, indeed, in the investment world in general may not be as familiar with exchange-traded funds as they could be. I realized this after Tim told me about a  recent ETF conference he attended. While he was manning his company’s booth, a conference-goer who had purportedly written two books on ETFs, and who was presumably familiar with commodity and metals ETFs, had never even heard of ETF Securities. (ETFS pioneered offering a range of physically backed metal products and baskets.) With JP Morgan and others getting into the industrial metal ETF game, and with physical stocks of each metal slowly growing, we thought it would be interesting to take a brief and informal survey on the ETF landscape to see if our readers can stand to gain anything from our continued coverage.

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