Artist Richard Serra's Steely Drawings

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“Basically, that is my subject: I use steel to organize space. Richard Serra’s sculptures speak to his objective”in volumes. This artist takes on subject matter in an all-encompassing way, as realized in his physical works.

Spheres, Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada. Photography by Hanneorla Hanneorl.

Serra’s objective of steering steel toward an organization of space is shared, figuratively, in his paintings. They surprised me”I have only known of his sculptures. While Serra’s sculptures express topography, his works on canvas express typography. The ultra-bold strokes form a sculptural composition that both commands your attention and provokes a steady gaze.

“Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective”: From left, “September” (2001), “Black Tracks” (2002) and “out-of-round X” (1999), at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photograph by Ozier Muhammad for The New York Times.

Like his sculptures, the substance of Serra’s drawings escapes flatland. Their minimal sensibility confronts you with a formidable impression.

Nate Burgos

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