Steel Trends: MetalMiner's Month-In-Review


Let’s take a look at what MetalMiner wrote about the steel markets throughout the month of May.

Iron Ore Demand Seen to Be Easing in Asia, So Where To Next? MetalMiner looks at two reports from leading banks, tracing the effects of China’s economy to determine a steel price forecast.

What is the Price of Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel (GOES)? — While grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) and non-grain-oriented electrical steel (NGOES) differ in efficiency and magnetic properties, among other things, historical price indexes for both are in demand; and that’s why they’ll soon be available through the new and improved MetalMiner IndX.

US Steel Inventories Staying Tight, Keeping Prices High MetalMiner reported on the economic forecast for steel shared by a number of executive-level speakers in Chicago at the beginning of last month. Tighter inventories and shorter lead times are key outlook components for the balance of 2011.

–Taras Berezowsky

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