MetalMiner to Present at HARBOR Aluminum Outlook Conference 2011 in Chicago

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Those who play in the aluminum sphere should know that HARBOR Intelligence has been accurately forecasting aluminum prices and market activity for years. For those who don’t know HARBOR or their track record it’s time to get acquainted.

HARBOR Aluminum hosts its 2011 Outlook Conference in Chicago at the Swissotel from June 20-22 more details below — and there’s no better time for aluminum buying organizations, metal traders, ETF investors and others to gain the benefit of HARBOR’s market intelligence.

Whereas your run-of-the-mill (or run-of-the-smelter, if you prefer) aluminum conferences feature producers talking about the state of the industry, a much greater wealth of intelligence can be shared by diverse panels of speakers.

At the end of the day, whether you are a purchasing manager, hedge fund manager, a research analyst, an engineer, COO or commodity analyst what you really need to understand from an aluminum conference is the following:

  • The global drivers of the industry
  • Price forecasts and outlook
  • Specific and actionable sourcing and hedging strategies

To our knowledge, no one does that better than founder Jorge Vazquez and his team at HARBOR Aluminum Intelligence.

MetalMiner doesn’t speak at many events, but has spoken at the HARBOR Aluminum Conference 2010 and editor Lisa Reisman will speak again at this conference with a talk entitled: “Innovative Sourcing Strategies For Aluminum Buys.

Join HARBOR and MetalMiner this month in Chicago! Here’s what you need to know:

When: June 20 22, 2011

Where: Swissotel Chicago

For: Aluminum-buying organizations, metals traders, ETF investors, et al.

Price: $1665 through April 26; $1765 after

*Discount: All MetalMiner attendees will receive a $200 discount by typing in the letters “MM before their names on the registration form!

Click here to see the brochure and register for the event!

Also, sign-up for a Free Trial to HARBOR Aluminum!

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