Liquid Copper: A New Superhero? Or The Offspring of USS Nautilus’ Savior?

Before you jump into your wildest fantasies and assume that Liquid Copper is that base metal-based superhero you’ve been dreaming about, we’re here to tell you you’re out of luck. (Sorry, no comic books or movie deals about Liquid Copper on the horizon.)

But, if you’re looking for base metal-related automobile products that will stop leaks, well, you just may be in the right place. Not only is metal being sourced for automobile production, but it’s also found its way into automobile repair.

Based in Holly, Mich., Bar’s Leaks and Rislone are leading producers of automotive chemicals, and Rislone has recently introduced the Liquid Copper Block Seal and Radiator Stop Leak in Central and South America, according to a press release. Bar’s Leaks and Rislone specialize in chemicals that stop leaks in all types of vehicle systems, including head & block, cooling, and transmission.


The Liquid Copper “stops leaks by forming a physical seal using organic and synthetic fibers, copper, and an ionic-modified mineral. The seal is then permanently cemented by liquid glass, according to the company. Rislone also puts out an oil supplement with zinc treatment, and Bar’s Leaks features a Liquid Aluminum stop-leak for radiators as well.

However, we find the most interesting part about Bar’s Leaks (before acquiring Rislone in 2006) to be the historical reputation of the company. In the late 1950s, the crew of the USS Nautilus embarked upon “Operation Sunshine, the first submarine crossing under the North Pole.” On the way up, the team noticed a salt-water leak affecting the nuclear reactor steam condensers, according to the company’s website.

Source: Submarine Force Museum

When the vessel arrived in Seattle, the commander ordered his crew to spread through the city to bring back as much Bar’s Leaks product as possible. They ended up dumping 70 quarts of the stuff into the pipes and, lo and behold, the leak stopped. The crew of the USS Nautilus was able to finish their historic mission.



  • Hi Taras,

    I work for Bar’s Products as the VP of Digital Strategy and New Media, and I came across this post via my ever-handy Google Alerts. What you write is not only excellent, but also historically accurate is well. It’s hard to find one, let alone both, qualities on most blogs.

    Quick question: how did you come to hear about the Nautilus story? That bit of company lore is pretty specialized. Awesome that you know it.

    Thanks again for the great write-up.


  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the comment; we greatly appreciate it!

    I came across the Nautilus story after digging through your company’s website and then corroborating with other sources — just some good old journalistic investigation…

    Hope you continue to read MetalMiner – spread the word!



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