Nucor on Washington Gridlock

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Public Policy


MetalMiner’s Lisa Reisman speaks with Jennifer Diggins, director of public affairs at Nucor, about Washington’s legislative activity.

MetalMiner spent some time with the Nucor public affairs team, and they gave us a good understanding of the legislative landscape. Jennifer Diggins, director of public affairs, gave us an inside perspective on the state of national politics and how it pertains to the business community.

Keep an eye out for more MetalMiner content from Nucor in the following days.

Disclaimer: Nucor is a sponsor of MetalMiner.

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  1. Ed Feege says:

    Welcome to democracy. The spending/debt crisis — and how we deal with it — will be one of the defining issues of American history. It may even decide whether the United States has a future at all. It’s not surprising that we have to wait until after the next U.S. election for this to be resolved (an it may not even be decided then).

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