Money Box Redesigned: Taking Transparency to the Bank

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Debt and downgrade are screaming in recent news. Ultimately, the only real “default that was provoked was a return to the basics”because they’re inescapable. One basic is (no surprise) saving. And one conventional method is the classic piggy bank.

Glass Piggy Bank by VivaTerra

The innovation in this version is transparency”a value that gets trumpeted a lot in these times. Meanwhile, all the news coverage about “financial positions brings to mind opacity. Speaking of which, the motivating quip from the belly of the piggy bank is “Every little thing counts!

Free-form messiness is part of the traditional piggy bank’s charm, but designer René Lee views this as a disadvantage. His creation is the “Battery Bank, an “incremental coin container. In lieu of the literal transparency afforded by glass, transparency here is manifested as predictable neatness and order.

Battery Bank by René Lee

Each Battery Bank represents a standard unit, depending on the coin’s value. Each unit adds up in an orderly progression, like Lee’s process in making this compact product.

Part of conceptualization for Battery Bank by René Lee

When it comes to using transparency to compel fiscal accountability, both banks succeed. Both provide people with a means to take responsibility and save. No ceiling here.

Nate Burgos

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