Best Of MetalMiner: Oil, Gas and Energy Policy

As crude oil reached the top of the rollercoaster in the spring with record prices, and continues to make waves in the commodities markets, activity in the alternative fuel sector has reached a critical point — we’re now at a place and time that calls for definitive energy policy, especially domestically.

With that, we kick off MetalMiner’s Best of Summer Series with Oil, Gas and Energy Policy. Here are some of the best-read and/or most incisive posts on those topics. Enjoy!

1. Shale Oil Could Be US Answer To Reliance On The Middle East

2. Natural Gas Price Outlook What’s the Play?

3. Solar Power: The Clouds Gather

MetalMiner was able to spend some time at Nucor’s headquarters and had an insightful conversation with Jennifer Diggins, director of public affairs at Nucor. Here’s what MetalMiner Editor Lisa Reisman discussed with Diggins on ethanol subsidies and long-term US energy policy:


Nucor on ethanol subsidies.


Nucor on long-term US energy policy.

Disclaimer: Nucor is a sponsor of MetalMiner.

–MetalMiner Editors

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