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Much of what affects the economic health of metal buyers, service centers, job shops and many others in the metals sphere can be heavily related to policy decisions, whether on a domestic economy level or international trade level.

Undoubtedly, the primary concerns for many small-to-medium companies remain in the realm of operating- and materials costs, not regulations compliance, WTO rulings, etc. But certainly, there are macroeconomic trends and trade policy activities that can sway metals markets months or years into the future. And of course, the currency markets have a lot to do with companies’ bottom lines, be they importers, exporters or both.

MetalMiner’s Best Of Summer Series continues with a sampling of some popular posts that contain our take on these issues. Enjoy!

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4. China RMB Appreciating Fast: What It Means For Future Trade

5. Nouriel Roubini on a Double Dip Recession Is He Right?

Finally, if you missed it, see what Jennifer Diggins of Nucor told MetalMiner on the state of national politics, and how it pertains to the business community:


*Disclaimer: Nucor is a sponsor of MetalMiner.

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