MetalMiner Exclusive: Nucor's Relationship to Natural Gas


MetalMiner Editor Lisa Reisman speaks with Jennifer Diggins, director of public affairs at Nucor, about how the company views, uses and relies on its relationship to natural gas.

Hopefully you’ve gleaned some valuable insight into how Nucor Steel perceives the current policy landscape as it pertains to manufacturing. As we trundle along toward Labor Day, and as companies gear up for the fall, the importance of retaining and creating manufacturing jobs in the US cannot be overstated. As reshoring gains steam and the government flails to get the economy back on track, US manufacturing policy should be a primary focus.

Previous segments of MetalMiner Editor Lisa Reisman’s discussion with Jennifer Diggins of Nucor covered Washington gridlock over the debt ceiling and other congressional shortcomings; EPA emissions regulations; long-term US energy and manufacturing policy; and ethanol subsidies and the role of government.

Look for more content from MetalMiner and Nucor in the coming months.

Disclaimer: Nucor is a sponsor of MetalMiner.

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