Best Of MetalMiner – Mining the Funny Bone

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Strangely, gold is the hottest commodity quickly and pervasively filtering not only into investment portfolios and central bank coffers, but also into peoples’ mouths and onto their teeth.

To wit, one of our posts about gold grillz — the technical name for gold-based jewelry custom made for the oral cavity — is the most-read post of the summer. Go figure.

The important thing is that we sometimes like to have fun with satire and silliness amidst our commentary on metals markets, sourcing strategies and macroeconomic issues and policies, and this next installment of MetalMiner’s Best Of Summer Series showcases just that. Enjoy!

1. Gold Grillz A Hedge Against Dental Monotony

2. A Thief’s Sourcing Guide to Stealing Scrap Part One

3. A Thief’s Sourcing Guide to Stealing Scrap — Part Two

4. Do War Dogs Have Titanium Teeth? No But They Have Some Sweet Metal Gear

–The Editors

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