Best Of MetalMiner Planes, Trains and Automobiles


We thought we’d shake up the next installment of the MetalMiner Best Of Summer Series not so much in honor of two great comedic talents (Steve Martin and John Candy), but more so in honor of the essential elements of our global transportation infrastructure.

From aerospace to high-speed rail projects to the ups and downs of the auto sector, we’ve covered it all. Enjoy!

1. Boeing and Airbus Put on Notice: China’s Comac Breaking Up the Duopoly Party

2. Not So Fast, Comac: C919 is DOA, But Boeing and Airbus Duopoly Dead Anyway

3. Aerospace Booming, Supply Chain at Risk

4. SIAM’s Lowered Auto Sales Forecast For India Worries Steelmakers

5. Made In America: Buying Criteria for Infrastructure Projects

–The Editors

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