Best Of MetalMiner – To Those Who Work In Manufacturing: Happy Labor Day!


In honor of all those workers out there, especially those working in the metals manufacturing industries, we salute you here at MetalMiner on this Labor Day 2011.

As the country is about to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks less than a week from today, we should take special notice of those who work towards the US being a safer and better place. Here’s to those who still make things!

1. What US Manufacturing Growth Has To Do With China

2. The (Real or Imagined) Silver Linings in US Manufacturing Slowdown

3. Stale US Infrastructure Ties Into a Need For Manufacturing Policy

4. When Offshoring, Solely Price-Based Decisions Are a Thing of the Past

5. Plentiful Manufacturing Jobs Belied by Unemployment Numbers?

–The Editors

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