Is Shale Gas Production the Cure for US Manufacturing Economy?

Andrew Browning, executive vice president of Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), speaks with MetalMiner Editor Lisa Reisman at CEA’s offices in downtown Chicago. In this segment, Browning answers questions about current and future infrastructure for domestic natural gas production, and whether it will help the US gain competitive advantage.

MetalMiner has covered the importance of shale gas and shale oil in recent weeks, which not only have a lot to do with the Western world’s energy independence from OPEC-dominated markets, but how their production contributes to a fast-growing chunk of carbon and stainless steel demand.

MetalMiner recently had the chance to speak with Andrew Browning, CEA’s executive vice president, about the organization’s work and the importance of not only advocating for the continued, responsible use of oil, natural gas and other sources, but for a domestic energy policy tying it all together. In the segment above, Browning addresses the infrastructure challenges of producing natural gas on a mainstream level and what it has to do with US manufacturing and economic growth.

Check back in tomorrow for a discussion on the Keystone XL pipeline.

–Taras Berezowsky

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