Feist Forges Metals

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Source: Pitchfork

This week, indie rock singer-songwriter Leslie Feist released a new album called Metals. In an interview with National Public Radio, she defined the title as “mutability:

“Metals can be found unforged and raw, and molten in the center of the earth. But they can also be highly refined and turned into little tiny jewelry.

Lots of contrast”rough vs. polished, free-form vs. sculpted”in this description. The character of metals mimics the character of nature itself, from the ground up, as interpreted in Feist’s depiction:

Source: listentofeist.com

In both title and meaning, Feist’s fourth studio effort is a welcome addition to the MetalMiner team’s diverse soundtracks. View collages of Metals‘ musical moments at Feist’s video hub.

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