Interior Designer Cortney Bishop's Brand Cherishes the Meaning of Patina

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Whether she’s approaching a farm cottage or a beach house, interior designer Cortney Bishop, who works in Charleston, South Carolina, strives for a distinct spectrum of color”imbued with a sense of both place and timelessness. Completed by Stitch Design Co., Bishop’s business identity reflects her passion for color’s potential.

The color range is warm and can be likened to a patina”the sheen associated with well-used wooden and metal objects. It’s the appearance of something that is well-worn; something that endures over time. These qualities are evident in the signage made for Bishop’s studio, which complements her business identity.

Stitch Design Co. worked with a local metal worker to craft and produce the signage, including the lighting fixture. As Stitch Design Co. put it: “The best part about this sign is that it will continue to patina with time, the Charleston sea air is perfect for that. Cortney Bishop’s business strives to realize work that achieves the patina effect”work that ages well, gaining deeper character over time.

Nate Burgos

All photographs by Stitch Design Co.

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