Pumpkin-Eating Metal Monster Steels Halloween

My hometown of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, is not known for much. But the local farm has turned itself into a mega-business, drawing thousands of people during the pumpkin season. We’ve been taking our kids there since they could first walk (even our youngest went this year — and he can only sit among the pumpkins). The team at Goebbert’s Farm (technically in South Barrington, Ill.) has wowed crowds with an extravagant zoo (which, in my opinion, could claim “closest you’ll ever get to wild animals”); the ever-lovely non-PC pig races featuring Sarah Piglin, Lindsay Loham and Hammah Montana; and, of course, if we could issue an award, it would be for the awesome Pumpkin-Eating Metal Monster, seen below.

(This video is indeed suitable for all ages):


Source: Busch/Reisman Family Home Video

Clearly, our guys think the dinosaur is the bomb. Happy Halloween from the MetalMiner team!

–Lisa Reisman, Stuart Burns, Taras Berezowsky and Nate Burgos

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