Time and Metal Unite in Designer Tom Davie's Posters

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Metal objects are interesting as individual pieces, but put together they cohere into a complete composition. Cincinnati-based artist, graphic designer and design educator Tom Davie took these metal parts and arranged them into a poster. Notably, without time, this poster would not have been possible. In fact, it’s “three generations in the making, as Davie put it. His grandfather collected hundreds of discarded pieces of metal.

Each piece aged and evolved into a character of diverse texture and color that time alone yields. At the bottom of the poster, Davie adds a touch of metal-nerdery, providing their respective amounts of alloy composition: 18% tin, 28% antimony and 54% lead. Metal underscored in a poster, called “Heavy Metal, achieves beauty in its culmination.

Davie did another typographic design exploration that deals with another object of affection here at MetalMiner: vintage typewriters. He incorporated his 1960s manual typewriter with the digital font “American Typewriter, which is also the name of the poster.

I’ve been searching for the brand of typewriter here. “Cla can also stand for “cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, which every retro-typewriter needs to ensure good operation. It can also be an abbreviation for classic, which it surely is.

Davie’s metal-related posters are statements on the fruition of time, and cherishing the sense of history”a reward that awaits the patient and the curious.

Nate Burgos

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  1. Richard P says:

    The typewriter in the poster is a Smith-Corona portable. The SCM (Smith-Corona Marchant) logo has been disguised.

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