A Christmas Poem: Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Men (and Women, in the Eurozone)

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Source: digitalhen.co.uk

In an effort to spread a little Christmas cheer while commenting on global issues, we thought the following would be an appropriate message. Readers are encouraged to stand in the middle of their crowded offices and sing the following words at the top of their lungs — to the tune of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”:

The countries of the Eurozone
Live complicated lives
Some spend and waste their billions
While others work and thrive
But now the poor are calling
For funds to pay their bills
So those who chose to not take part
Are lending against their wills

Some lied when faced with Maastricht
So they could join the throng
Then ignored the rules on borrowing
Until it all went wrong
And now they point at Britain
And say we spoiled their game
Because we chose not to expose
Ourselves to further pain

How noisily, how noisily
This cumbersome plan is hatched
Huge funds amassed in loans and cash
To make and mend and patch
The markets think it’s too short term
And problems will persist
Where it will end is anyone’s guess
Let’s hope it’s not with fists.

Happy Christmas to everyone! (And let’s keep our fingers crossed for Europe!)

–The MetalMiner Editors

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