Best Of MetalMiner 2011 – That Light, Gray Lady: Aluminum

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Here are our top aluminum stories of the year. Enjoy!

1. Aluminum Outlook 2011

How close were we to forecasting what actually happened to the aluminum market and prices in 2011? (Re-)Read and find out!

2. New Theory on World Trade Center Collapse Centers on Aluminum

This one caught some flak for somehow perpetuating 9/11 twin-tower myths, although the post simply spoke to the strangeness of the conclusions. Nevertheless, aluminum was for once at the center of a controversy — oh wait, there was that whole LME-aluminum-warehouses-in-Detroit thing…

3. Aluminum Prices: Bucking the Metals Market Trend

How China’s and the Middle East’s (of all places) production and consumption were affecting the aluminum market’s ups and downs near the end of Q1 2011.

–Taras Berezowsky

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