Best Of MetalMiner 2011 – Rare Earth Metals and Minerals


Can’t get your hands on the rare earth metal you need? No worries! Blow off some steam by playing the game above!

Seriously though, much has been made of the definitions of rare earth “metals” vs. “minerals,” to say nothing of the more substantive issues surrounding global supply and production of them. Molycorp here in the US has made great strides to bringing domestic rare earth production on-line, but the fact remains that most of the market revolves around what Beijing decides to do — and not do, in the case of putting the kibosh on exports.

Here are a few examples of our coverage that were widely read in 2011:

1. China to Go From Seller to Buyer of Rare Earth Metals?

2. We May Not Need Rare Earth Metals After All, Japanese Research Suggests

3. China Re-Nationalizes Rare Earths Part One

–Taras Berezowsky

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