MetalMiner's Sourcing Outlook for Commodities in 2012

Here’s the third episode of MetalMiner Sourcing Outlook, brought to you by Zycus.


In this year-end episode, MetalMiner provides a look ahead to commodity markets in 2012, namely the steel, aluminum and copper sectors. In the One-On-One segment, Lisa Reisman and Stuart Burns discuss these markets in-depth, and give their takes on economic outlooks for the US and Europe in 2012.

The episode is viewable here on the blog (look for this episode and future ones on the left side of the MetalMiner home page as we release them) and on MetalMiner’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to MetalMiner’s YouTube channel if you haven’t already!

The goals of the MetalMiner Sourcing Outlook series include:

  • Providing the viewer with valuable, actionable sourcing commentary in an interesting format that will give him a leg up in his role as a sourcing professional, investor, analyst or simply well-informed individual
  • Delivering a diverse range of segments, touching on metals, energy, international trade, and macroeconomic policy
  • Doing all the above while remaining accessible and not taking ourselves too seriously

Enjoy, and check back in for the next episode!

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