Best Of MetalMiner 2011 – What Makes You So Special?


A fascinating smattering of MetalMiner stories can be classified under “specialty metals” or “specialty materials” — if not specialty, then at least super-niche-y. This year, the award for Niche Metal of the Year goes to GOES (yep, I just wrote that): Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel. Our colleague Jack Taylor has kept his pulse on the GOES market, and his post, leading off the list below, is the #1 most-read MetalMiner piece of 2011:

1. It’s Not a Rare Earth Metal But Just As Important GOES

2. The Phenomenon of Additive Manufacturing: Is 3D Printing Too Good to Be True? Part One and Part Two

Our coverage of laser sintering and how it makes use of metallic powder (titanium, for example) got a lot of readership. Is it the future of metals? Only time will tell. For now, though, it makes for interesting discussion.

3. Iridium’s Price Skyrocketing What Does It Mean?

“Iridium crucible”? Sounds like a marriage of metals and Arthur Miller. But the spike in iridium prices made for fun speculation.

–Taras Berezowsky

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