Best Of MetalMiner 2011 – Man, Those Materials Are So…Raw


Early in the New Year, we’re planning our release of the brand-new MetalMiner IndX, which will feature (spoiler alert!) daily pricing for several key raw materials among many other price points.

We know that reporting on the raw materials markets is just as key as covering metal production and end-use sectors. Here are some of the posts on raw materials that got a lot of reads in 2011:

1. Softening Iron Ore Prices a Temporary Trend Part One and Part Two

Clearly an essential component of the steelmaking process, especially in Asia, iron ore is always on our radar. Price volatility and updated contracts have both driven iron ore news this year.

2. India’s Rising Coal Imports To Increase Steel Prices

MetalMiner has welcomed a guest contributor from New Delhi, India, TC Malhotra. TC covers Indian metal news for us and how it impacts global markets.

3. Why the Collapse in the Baltic Dry Index?

Ahh, the BDI. Always interesting.

–Taras Berezowsky

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