Reuters Seeks Out MetalMiner's Stuart Burns on Aluminum Production

It should be quite apparent by now that half of MetalMiner’s co-founding team has decades of metals experience, but it’s always nice to see it validated in the mainstream metals press — in this case, commenting on the aluminum, zinc and nickel markets.

Reuters sought out and quoted our own Stuart Burns, whose analysis and commentary you see in these virtual pages nearly every day, on the declining aluminum, zinc and nickel output being seen the world over. Reports of Alcoa and other large producers closing smelting operations to reduce their costs (and in turn, global supply) have gotten press in the aluminum sphere, but Norilsk is announcing cuts in nickel production as well.

This is not the first time mainstream media outlets have approached MetalMiner, and Stuart in particular, for aluminum analysis — although Stuart’s last appearance on NPR Marketplace delved into rare earth metals.

Price volatility has hit the industrial metals markets just as hard as other commodity markets, such as cotton, sugar and crude oil. Whether buying metal for a major OEM or trying to source flour or sugar for a food or beverage producer, knowing exactly what you’ll pay is becoming harder and harder to do with any certainty.

Not only will Stuart be at MetalMiner’s upcoming conference (Commodity Edge: Sourcing Intelligence for a New Normal, which will tackle the issues mentioned above), but one of the world’s leading minds and voices in aluminum market analysis will be speaking at Commodity Edge as well — Jorge Vazquez of Harbor Aluminum Intelligence.

Many attest that Jorge’s experience in analyzing aluminum markets and providing accurate forecasting is unparalleled, and we’d be hard-pressed to disagree. All you have to do is read his bio on this page and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Jorge regularly provides his perspective on MetalMiner, and readers will get to see that perspective put into practice in aluminum breakout sessions at Commodity Edge.

Whether it’s Stuart’s incisive commentary or Jorge’s spot-on analysis and forecasting, we at MetalMiner know how to put buyers in touch with the leading viewpoints in metals sourcing — not only in aluminum, but across commodity categories.

For more details on the conference, including an event breakdown and other confirmed speakers, click the banner below.

–Taras Berezowsky

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