Why the Baltic Dry Index Has Had Its Day

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Source: The Financial Times. Click on the image above to watch the video on the FT page.

We recently had the most pleasant (yet soporific) experience watching a detailed rundown on the Baltic Dry Index.

James Mackintosh, investment editor for the Financial Times — home of awesome Technicolor ties and bad haircuts, apparently — employs dry wit, economic savvy, a few charts featuring a few colors that all appear in his tie, and a restrained (and fittingly British) vocal quality more suited to reading Tristram Shandy on tape than talking trade, to tell us why the BDI has dropped the ball as a key indicator.

Not only that, but below the BDI video, is Mackintosh soliciting my friendship on Facebook?

Source: The Financial Times

At any rate, the video, being quite informative and tongue-in-cheek in the beginning, is some of what the FT does best — second only to the Economist. (If only MetalMiner can live up to these standards — keep an eye out for the latest video episode of our Sourcing Outlook, sponsored by Zycus!)


–Taras Berezowsky

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