MetalMiner's Latest Commodities Sourcing Outlook

Here’s Episode 4 of MetalMiner’s Sourcing Outlook, brought to you by Zycus.

In the first episode of 2012, MetalMiner takes a look at the center of the commodity market storm — the EU debt crisis and impending (or already begun?) recession.

In MetalWatch, we check in on stainless steel, as the ThyssenKrupp-Outokumpu merger looms in the background. And in the One-On-One segment, Lisa Reisman discusses Buy America with Roger Ferch of the National Steel Bridge Alliance and Jennifer Diggins of Nucor. (*If you’ve watched clips of the interview that were previously published — here and here — you’ll want to make sure to watch the entire interview above, since we’ve included as-yet unseen footage.)

The episode is viewable here on the blog (look for this episode and future ones on the left side of the MetalMiner home page as we release them) and on MetalMiner’s YouTube channel. Please subscribe to MetalMiner’s YouTube channel if you haven’t already.

Enjoy, and check back in for the next episode!

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