Why You Shouldn’t Miss ‘Commodity EDGE: Sourcing Intelligence for the New Normal’

Often in the metals sourcing world — and indeed, in business circles at large — we ask the question, “What’s the value proposition?”

As far as our upcoming conference goes, the answer’s right here in this video:

Just as surely as you can’t get something for nothing (there’s no such thing as a free lunch, after all), you can bet that MetalMiner and Spend Matters will create the most effective environment for sharing experiences and intelligence in the commodities sourcing, spend management and procurement worlds. In other words, you and your company will get a better ROI on your registration to Commodity EDGE than on any previously attended commodity conference.

That’s because we think there’s great value in bringing together speakers and participants who are at the forefront of their commodity sectors — whether that’s analyzing steel markets, creating supply management software solutions, or aggregating a company’s energy spend — into one room.

It would be hard to discount the value our speakers brought to their present or past companies. For example, Mark Pruitt, former director of the Illinois Power Agency, secured electricity supply on behalf of residential and small commercial ratepayer accounts serviced by Commonwealth Edison and Ameren Illinois (“former” director mainly because Gov. Pat Quinn fired him after Pruitt refused to play the political game.)

Jorge Vazquez of HARBOR is so well-known for his aluminum analysis, that the likes of Coca-Cola listen closely to what he says. And Gareth Hatch (leading the Rare Earth Metals breakout session), founding principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC, and president of Innovation Metals Corp., holds five US patents on a variety of magnetic devices — he’s widely regarded as one of the top rare earths experts on the planet.

But don’t just take our word for it — experience Commodity EDGE firsthand this March, and you’ll see how many tactics you’ll be bringing your company that it will certainly be able to use.

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