Best of MetalMiner Q1 2012 – Energy, Macroeconomics and Buy America

This will all make sense if you read the first story’s headline below. Source:

A hip-hop album it’s not, but our piece on how a Buddhist Monk sees the 2012 landscape leads off our Best Of slate on a number of macroeconomic commodity issues.

1. Buddhist Monk’s Prophecy on the Year of the Dragon

“The year of the water dragon is auspicious for a number of reasons.” Boy, ain’t that the case. 

2. Natural Gas Looks to Break Through and Replace Gasoline – Part One and Part Two

GM and Chesapeake: “With our powers combined, the world will have cars running on natural gas! Mwa-ha-haa!”

3. Bay Bridge Contractors Skirting Buy America: National Steel Bridge Alliance Fills Us In

An exclusive MetalMiner video interview with Roger Ferch of the National Steel Bridge Alliance on the Bay Bridge construction-contract debacle. 

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