MetalMiner Advisory Services: Targeted Metals Strategy and Cost Reduction Expertise

MetalMiner (and our parent organization, Azul Partners) has been quietly building up a cool business the past few years. The only thing increasing faster at the moment than our revenue and cross-site traffic — we’re currently up to nearly 100,000 unique visitors and over 300,000 visits per month across our four sites — is the quantity of thought leadership we’ve been publishing both in blog and research paper formats.

Yet we haven’t always focused so heavily on publishing.

Before MetalMiner became a preeminent site in the metals and supply chain market, the founders ran a successful consultancy focused on metals cost reduction for manufacturers. The blog, in fact, was originally just a ploy to position the firm’s expertise and services (my, how a few years can change everything!).

But as MetalMiner grew to such a level where not pursuing publishing as the full-time focus would have denied the chance to carve out a high-growth niche in the market for information and insight, the original team scaled back on our metals advisory work.

Now, with a greatly expanded organization with additional team members and a broader portfolio of sites and talent to draw on, MetalMiner and our sister site Spend Matters are once again providing highly specialized knowledge and services to clients through a new advisory firm: Spend Matters Group.

Spend Matters Group is taking a targeted role across the broader sites, serving as an advisory firm focused entirely on serving specialized needs, delivering services both direct to manufacturers as well as through third-party firms (e.g., consultancies) looking to uniquely advise their clients.

When it comes to metals specifically, Spend Matters Group (with MetalMiner resources) can identify and implement cost savings or cost avoidance strategies that the great majority of practitioners have not even heard of before. And we can do it in categories that others won’t touch (e.g., heat treat services or electro-plating). Our engagement model leverages proprietary MetalMiner IndX℠ pricing data and forecasting models and a general metals procurement bag of tricks that simply does not exist elsewhere in the market.

Our metals advisory expertise for global manufacturers spans the following raw metals and metal component categories:

•    Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Steel, Stainless, Titanium, Rare Earths

•    Primary metal, ingots, sows, billets

•    Semis, sheet/plate, extrusions in all forms, including pipes and tubes

•    Fittings, flanges, anodized sections, painted sections, painted sheet/coil

•    Semi-finished special sections for the defense industry

•    Plain and printed foil

Our metals component strategy and cost reduction expertise includes: castings, fasteners, bushings, levers, shafts, fabricated parts, forgings, machined parts, mattress innersprings, sheet metal, stampings and forged and machined blocks for molding and general engineering applications.

Whether formulating a range of sourcing and category management approaches (e.g., global sourcing, mill-direct, distributor, multi-tier supply chain sourcing, demand aggregation strategies, etc.) or developing statistical modeling/forecasting and hedging approaches across metals spend, MetalMiner’s advisory services can bring a laser-focused approach to metals category insight.

We also can help with developing conflict minerals (Dodd-Frank) traceability programs as well implementing metals rebate programs, index-based bidding strategies, VMI initiatives, consignment schedules and total landed cost models – including the skills processes and technologies that make it all possible.

Spend Matters Group (and MetalMiner) work with the entire metals value chain, from producers to manufacturers — and everyone in between. Whether you’re a consultancy looking for subject matter expertise as part of a client engagement (or to develop internal skills/competencies), or a manufacturer, distributor or producer looking to leverage the services of Spend Matters Group and MetalMiner directly, we look forward to hearing about your challenges, opportunities, and ways we might be able to help.

Learn more here.

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